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Toilet Repair Services

A running toilet is not only an irritation, but it can be costly. The longer you wait to fix the problem, the more water and money you waste. Turn to our professional and licensed plumbers for reliable and prompt toilet repair in Westlake, OH and all of Ohio. At Westlake Plumbing & Heating, we ensure your toilet runs only when it's supposed to. In addition, if your toilet is beyond repair, we also perform complete toilet replacement. Some of the services we provide include:

• Flapper Replacement
• Float Ball Replacement
• Valve Repair
• Tank Bowl Washer Replacement
• Toilet Tank Repair
• Toilet Flange Repair & Replacement

Save Money with Our Toilet Repair Service

Is your toilet running, overflowing, or not working at all? You might as well flush your money down the toilet if you allow the problem to continue. Save money on your water bill and prevent inconveniences for your family when you depend on our toilet repair service. Your leaky toilet is no match for us. We are able to fix any problem.

When It Is Time for Toilet Replacement

If your toilet is prone to frequent clogs, repairs, or other plumbing issues, you may need toilet replacement. Whether you want a bigger toilet, a water-saving toilet, or a new toilet, we offer many options when you're considering toilet replacement. At our company, we have the perfect loo for you!

Nothing lasts forever. This is true of your toilet too. If the tank is broken or the bowl is cracked, then it's time to toss out your leaky toilet. At the same time, most customers do not realize it, but a slow-draining toilet is also a sign that it needs to be replaced. Let us remedy the problem by replacing your old toilet.

Toilet Repair in Westlake, OH

Solve Plumbing Problems with Toilet Installation

Upgrade your old toilet to a water-saving one. Perhaps you are building a new home or business. Whatever the reason, we provide toilet installation for residential and commercial customers. Some of our customers replace toilets when they are remodeling their bathrooms or moving into a new house. It makes life more convenient when you have a toilet that is in good working order. The new toilets we install flush easier while using less water. Best of all, our installation and repair services are very affordable. Ask us for a free estimate today.

We proudly serve customers in Westlake & all of Ohio.

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