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Affordable Rooter Services

Keep your pipes clear by relying on Westlake Plumbing & Heating for rooter services in Westlake, OH and all of Ohio. We provide affordable and reliable solutions for clogged pipes and slow-running drains. Whether tree roots have penetrated your sewer pipes or you have another serious clog down the line, we can help. As reputable plumbers in the area, we really love our jobs. You'll find that we are courteous, trained, and proficient as well. Why settle for drains that don't drain or sewer problems that stink? Instead, depend on our team for fast and reliable work. We also provide emergency clog removal if the problem just can't wait.

Drain in Westlake, OH

The Most Effective Way to Perform Drain Cleaning

It may be tempting to pour store-bought chemicals down the drain. However, it doesn't offer a long-term solution for the clog. In fact, you may find that the problem comes back after just a few days or weeks. The most effective way to clean your drains is by depending on our experienced plumbers. We don't pour in chemical drain cleaners to solve the problem. Instead, we remove the blockage at the source with augurs and other reliable methods. From toilets and sinks to shower and tub drains, we perform drain cleaning that ensures water is flowing through your drains and away from your property.

Providing Dependable Clog Removal Services

Are you knee deep in drain problems? Turn to us for fast and effective clog removal. Our team has the tools and skills needed to handle even the most stubborn clogs. We use a fast and harmless way remove clogs and even scour the interior surfaces of your drain and sewer lines. From snaking to water jetting, we ensure everything is free and clear.

Why Water Jetting Is Important

Flush away sand, debris, grease, and sludge that block your pipes. Even though augurs and other systems remove solid obstructions, they do not completely clean the inside of your sewer lines and drains. Our water jetting machines push the gunk and sludge out of pipes. Using advanced equipment and tools, our certified technicians wash away the debris for good. By water jetting your lines, we blast through clogs using a high-pressure water system. When it comes to clearing a clogged drain, this is an effective way to do it. Hydro-jetting uses pressured water (approximately 4,000 PSI) to remove even the most stubborn blockages, including roots.

Contact us for hydro-jetting and drain cleaning if you have slow-moving drains. We proudly serve customers in Westlake & all of Ohio.

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